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Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within, a film I wrote in the Women's Fellowship at Ubisoft Motion Pictures, is shooting in upstate NY. I will be visiting  soon and can't wait to see the set, maybe post some pics. So many great people involved: star/ producer Sam Richardson, Amazing director Josh Ruben, crazy talented ensemble and all the folks at Ubisoft and Vanishing Angle. More updates to come...

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Class Warfare, a short story


All of Wolff’s experiences funnel into this buoyant memoir, which is rich in detail but never feels overembellished...the tone manages to be light and triumphant because of the hilarious child-goggles Wolff wears while spinning her tales. GradeA

Tanner Stransky 

Entertainment Weekly

Wolff's storytelling borderlines on brilliance, and indeed rises above that line... To a humorous and often touching effect, Wolff replays a journey than not all of the members of her family were willing to take. 

​Eric Easter

Ebony Magazine

Mishna Wolff’s I’m Down (St. Martin’s Press) is an

authentically funny, truly transcendent work that

makes other, sorry-voiced memoirs by a certain more

privileged class of writer pale—pun intended—by comparison.

Lisa Shea

Elle Magazine



Mishna Wolff started as a comedian and live storyteller. Her bestselling, critically-acclaimed memoir I’m Down is taught at high schools and colleges throughout America and sold at the Northwest African-American Museum and the Nobel Peace Museum in Oslo, Norway.  She is a contributor to NPR, an alumna of the Sundance Screenwriters Lab and the Sundance Episodic Lab, and a recent recipient of the Indian Paintbrush fellowship and the Ubisoft Women's Fellowship.  Her feature adaptation of Ubisoft’s Werewolves Within is in post production.  




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